July 29th 2018

SundayΒ  is not sunny today,Β  it’s raining and I love it . The apartment we shifted is almost done with furnishing and mending, drilling and moving furniture. Getting connections with cable and internet.

We have a cook cum cleaner πŸ™‚ life is good with clean sheets, shinny floors and good food. What else do I need ? A job πŸ™‚ Something to keep my mind busy. Am I exercising ? Not really, but have started it. Anything that starts is good, it means from planning execution has being initiated.

I was working all these years, but still I have not designed something that will satisfy my inner soul. My dear sweet husband is back to normal, thank God!

My eldest brother and his family went off to Dubai for a good time and left my mother alone in the house ..because that’s not in their lookout? Fortunately, a maid stayed with my mother during nights and also cooked..so it’s not really bad.

This year till now is good and hope it gets better.


Not Bad… it is not bad to become a hermit..no fights no arguments just work and more work..more money…and you get to know yourself too.that is important..to know yourself…and you have other as companions..silent ones..books..music ..and internet..and you are the hermit…buzzzzzzzzzzz

speaking aloud

It Is Me… Words are always so friendly, when in books we can read and imagine. When we write, they join us to express our inner most feelings.
Hatred, revenge, insults, foul words, love, warmth, care and friendship. It is amazing, how each word can mean so much.
In a different place, I feel lonely then writing comes to my rescue. The easiest way to write beautifully is to read . I love to read, and then imagine something.
It is bad, you know why? Because, I forget who I am in real and become the character in the story. Virtual life, temporary main character πŸ™‚
Poetry, is the easiest way to express, and unlike prose, doesn’t make the reader think its real πŸ˜‰
Today, changed something..hmmmm my name..it does feel different..if not..then whats in the name eh ?

lost last love

Can You..
I read every word you wrote
I re-read to find solace
I couldn’t find any
Your feelings changed indeed
No more am I worth any comforting words
I was never sad before
Now, I am not happy anymore
I yearned to be with you
To hold hands
To see you smile
You are all that makes my inner spirit rise
My heart though broken
My mind now stunned
I have no where to run, from my self
this blow is not the last to come
I faced many harsh words by known and unknown
You have joined the list of those who hate me
I can not believe, but it is true
I still love you..but you never loved me.
now I know..for sure

memories forever

Lines That Shine… Asked again..will you be mine
my life’s sunshine
your presence made me felt alive
I didn’t need to strive
It was natural between us two
But ..then you had a lover too πŸ˜‰
and I am married ..what to do πŸ˜‰
Yet..for a moment we forgot
and played a game of thoughts
words were written in rhyme
we hummed it in tune to feel
the happiness within and expressed
no..it didn’t get me depressed
the time we were together
I will keep it’s memory forever…
Forget you ? no never..ever ever