Daily Post: Memories of Holidays Past Daily Prompt:

Daily Post: Memories of Holidays Past

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past
December 16, 2013

What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

Holidays are mostly look forward to, as we grew up we shared hopes, dreams and wish list , siblings. There were many holidays, we liked “Eid after Ramadan”. This Eid  is known as Mithi(Sweet) Eid.

Eid means ” to be happy or celebrate” Islam has two Eids, one is Ramadan Eid , when we fast for one month and the first day of Shawal is celebrated as Eid. The whole month of Ramadan, everyone is busy praying and fasting. We, as Kids would love to get new dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. I would get three dresses, my two elder brothers would get two sets. Some how, my family always treated me with extra love, my brothers were never jealous, they were actually happy for me. On the Eid day, my father would take all three of us for “namaz “( prayers). On the way back, he would take us to greet his friends and they would serve us sweets. One of the sweet dishes was “Sheer Khurma” it had lots of milk and vermicelli dressed with almonds and pistas. I would ask my grand ma, about ramadan and Eid, she would tell us the importance.

Ramadan, is a month of fasting and the blessings are , we learn to control our self. We, fast and so we realize the hunger pangs that poor people suffer. We, are trained to get up early before sunrise and eat Sehri and till iftaar, we must control all our urges. Control temper, wrong words, not to watch anything sexy, it was like a training. On the last night, after sighting the moon, we would pray forgiveness and acceptance of our fasting.

I really enjoyed it as a kid and even now when I visit my mother, it is best during ramadan.

The other Eid, is followed by Hajj. It is called,”Bakra Eid” This Eid, had its teaching . The occasion was marked by sacrificing, a cow or a goat , as camel was and still out of our reach. lamb is too smelly:) Why did we sacrifice the animal? Well, it so happened that Prophet Ibrahim (Alehis Salaam) dreamed that he was sacrificing his son, Ismail for God. He then asked his son, what does he feel and the son replied,” Father you will find me to be patient” Thus, the two set out for the sacrifice, as they walked the Satan would appear and advise them not to fulfill. But, still they didn’t fudge, lastly the son was laid and  the father blind folded his eyes . With a knife, he was about to kill, when Allah replaced the son with a lamb. Hazrat Ibrahim , took off his blind fold  and saw his son standing a little further. He asked and was told, that Allah accepted his sacrifice, and thus each year all Muslims sacrifice a goat , lamb or a cow to mark the significance of Ibrahim’s  great sacrifice and also , those who perform hajj, they too mark the importance, as one of the five main things in Islam. The hajj has one requirement, where you must run between Safa and Marwa, the two mountains, it is to acknowledge the running done by Bi Bi Hajra, mother of Ismail, when she was searching for water and as they ran seven times, each time she would look at  her son who was just a small infant. On the seventh, run Allah made a spring of water gush out where the child was rubbing his heels, as the water flowed Bi Bi Hajra said,” Aab Zam zam” it means water contain yourself. Since then, the water is flowing and millions of Hajjis are drinking and bringing to their homes .

Both the Eid’s refresh my memory, and reminds me that we must train our self to control, anger, words, sight, sins and food. It gives us power over our wants, and I remember how Allah is more important to each one of us, as compared to our own families. The most significant and important teaching is that, Allah doesn’t need our sacrifice in terms of physical things/actions, rather it is to inculcate a sense of responsibility and to understand that Allah, is very close to our heart and mind. What we think, how we feel and to what extent we give first priority to right path and goodness for obeying Allah, is actually the real way to become a good follower.

Each person has a personal level of thought, we as human has options to choose which ever path we think is correct, and Muslims must also remind themselves, that Allah has always asked followers to be understanding and well behaved, to learn and to think is a basic need for a Muslim. We, must understand that Allah has created the seven skies and this earth and all in between for a reason, we must remember that human beings are not only for saying prayers, rather they are suppose to maintain a good will with fellow beings. The most important is, that we are conscious about Allah knowing our intentions and actions, so we can not lie nor cheat, it is impossible to hide from Allah..so no matter how small or big we perform a virtue or commit a sin all is recorded and known to Allah, and we have to face our result as per our actions.

Holy days are marked with holidays, for all religions as per their teachings. Each has its own philosophy, we as Muslims have our teachings to be honest, intelligent and hard working. Nothing stays forever, we must all die ..what will remain is our good and bad deeds ..