July 29th 2018

Sunday  is not sunny today,  it’s raining and I love it . The apartment we shifted is almost done with furnishing and mending, drilling and moving furniture. Getting connections with cable and internet.

We have a cook cum cleaner 🙂 life is good with clean sheets, shinny floors and good food. What else do I need ? A job 🙂 Something to keep my mind busy. Am I exercising ? Not really, but have started it. Anything that starts is good, it means from planning execution has being initiated.

I was working all these years, but still I have not designed something that will satisfy my inner soul. My dear sweet husband is back to normal, thank God!

My eldest brother and his family went off to Dubai for a good time and left my mother alone in the house ..because that’s not in their lookout? Fortunately, a maid stayed with my mother during nights and also cooked..so it’s not really bad.

This year till now is good and hope it gets better.