My Mother :)

My mother  is special for me..and so was my maternal grand mother..nothing against paternal grand ma..just that she died before I was other than sending her my prayers..I never did much communication with her.

When I started this blog..I had written a novel ..but since it was romantic 😉 it got me into trouble..I then deleted all the pages/post from here..I did was they say, cut your nose to save your face..

Sometimes..I felt bad looking at this empty haunted me..rather challenged I thought and read..then I landed up at Dimwit’s diary..and read something funny ..something serious..and now I concluded..why not dedicate this blog to my mother..she may not like that ..but then WordPress is my secret 😉

Did you think Kalabalu was my real name nah! It was a  poem I think..never read it but hope to read it at word press I find many gems ..

My dear husband has a sports car..Honda- CRX, although I keep on reminding him that I do not get impressed with his fast driving skills..but he never listens..I get very scared and my mother can feel my anxiety..When he drops me and picks me..I constantly pray to God ..and I have become a staunch believer..that God answers prayers..prove safe journey..

In this prayer, my mother joins me..not physically..but since we are both praying to same God..prayers are reaching almost simultaneously :)) Each day when I reach my office safely, I sms my mother telling her I reached office reply she would write a short prayer for me. I want to re-write those prayers..some repeats are there ..but thats okay I guess..


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